1975-81 – THE MID TO LATE 70’S

Mungo Jerry 1975.
Colin Earl, Ray Dorset, Joe Rush & James Matthews (from Country Jug). Photo courtesy of James Matthews.

The mid to late 70’s were a successful time, if not in the UK. Between 1975-81, they toured extensively all over Europe and beyond.

The move from Pye to Polydor saw Mungo Jerry registering several hit singles. Numbers such as Cant Get Over Lovin’ You, Hello Nadine, It’s a Secret and Lana.

Some of our date sheets from the mid to late 70’s are far from complete. Only EIGHT gigs that we know of for 1975. A handful for 1980 and only NONE for 1981 when the London based Fan Club ended. But, we have listed all that we have to hand but are striving to add to the lists as and when we can.


12th February Coventry (Venue not known)
14th February Cardiff University
21st February Barbarella’s, Birmingham
6th June King Alfred’s College
28th June Rendezvous Club, Margate

                                                      Tracks played included

Little Miss Hipshake/Baby Jump.1975 Margate press cutting.

? October Bailey’s, Derby

BAILEY’S, DERBY : October, 1975.


Lady Rose/Midnight Special/Tear ’em Down/Little Bit Of Love/It Ain’t What You Do/Flying Saucer’s Rock ‘n Roll/Northcote Arms.

14th November St.Mary’s College, Twickenham
2nd December Granada TV – ‘Look Alive’ televised


16th January N/E London Polytechnic, Stratford
1st February Wallsend – Cancelled
2nd February Venue not known
3rd February Durham Miners Club, Consett
4th February West Denton Social Club, Newcastle Upon Tyne followed by T.V Paris

Mungo Jerry - West Denton Social Club.
(Road crew – ‘Bizz’, ‘Nipper’, ‘Cleggy’ and drummer Pete Sullivan at West Denton). Photo by Alan Taylor.
5th February Newton Aycliffe (Venue not known)
6th February Catterick Barracks
7th February Hacienda, Prudhoe

Tony 'Bizz' Bisiker.During our focused period of the mid to late 70’s, Ray and the band spent a week in the North East of England. Bizz told us,”We did a week up in the Newcastle area doing working men’s clubs. That was just absolutely terrible!

“You literally went on between bingo sessions and the bingo was more important. They did the bingo session and they’d stop and say “right, Mungo Jerry now!

“On come Mungo Jerry for half an hour or so. They’d say “right, you’ve got to stop dead on 10 o’clock.”

“There’s a bloke waving at us, “right, that’s it, bingo!”

“One particular case , we had the classic thing. Ray’s half way through a number. On came this bloke. “Excuse me Mungo, sorry about this. OK lads, stop, stop! Would the own of car number so-and-so move it as it’s blocking the car park. OK lads, away you go, sorry about that, carry on.”

“Ray and them just burst out laughing. It was unbelievable! Not quite what we were used to.”

Tony ‘Bizz’ Bisiker – (Driver, roadie, backing singer)

13th March T.V Paris
14th March The Night Spot, Bedford
18th March T.V Luxembourg
19th March Dudley College Of Education
26th March Newport (venue not known)
27th March Frenchman’s Motel, Fishguard
31st March-20th April Germany
May – June France

FOUR WEEK FRENCH TOUR: Ist May – June , 1976.

(from fan club newsletter, July, 1976)

Also during the mid to late 70’s time-frame, the fan club kept fans up-to-date with the month long trip to France…

On May 1st, Mungo Jerry did the first gig of their very successful French tour in a packed hall in Yves St.Leger. This was the first time that the band had used their new light show.

The band toured all over France for four weeks playing to large audiences in clubs, halls and marquees.

They also did several T.V shows in Paris and Cannes, where the new French single, It’s a Secret, currently in the charts, was performed.

Hello Nadine is still in the French juke box charts as well as being in the South African charts and Impala Saga is doing very well in Europe.

On returning from France, the band did several gigs in England and then went into the studio to record three new numbers.

One of the new numbers that they recorded which was produced by Ray Dorset and Alan Blakely is to be the new single released on the Polydor label on the 23rd July, 1976. It is entitled Don’t Let Go.

The band then went to Luxembourg to do a T.V show and then returned to France to do three more gigs and a T.V.

They are currently working on a new album, and the guys have all been enjoying the good weather. Colin has bought a new house and a convertible E.Type Jag. Ray has been messing about with his new swimming pool.

Joe has been spending most of his spare time at Frenshams Ponds trying out the new boat that he made.

3rd June The Brighton Run, Wickford
4th June Ocean Nightspot, Margate
5th June The Marquee Club, London
9th June The Kings, Ilford
10th June T.V, Paris
11th June T.V, Luxembourg
12th June Dawbourn Club, Bracknell
13th June Palace Lido, Isle Of Man
15th June St.John’s College, Cambridge
16th June The Windmill, Copford
17th June City Of Coventry College, Coventry
18th June Grey College, Durham
19th June T.V Paris & Oriel College, Oxford
25th June Ranmoor House, Sheffield
26th June Nottingham University
30th June The 400, Torquay
1st July Caledonian Rooms, Padstow
2nd July Seale Hayne Agricultural College, Newton Abbott
3rd July Samantha’s, Exmouth
25th – 31st July Baileys, Watford
5th – 15th August France
20th – 22nd August France
25th August The Barn, Milton Tenby
28th August Pier Pavillion, Hastings
1st – 25th September Germany
29th September Bath College Of Education


The band and road crew 1976.
L-R; Chris Warnes, Ray Dorset, Colin Earl, Pete Sullivan, Ray ‘Cleggy’ Clegg (Road manager), Joe Rush. Roadies ‘Blob’, ‘Bizz’ and ‘Nipper’. Photo courtesy of Ray Clegg.

2nd October University Of Birmingham
13th – 14th October France
15th October Hatfield Polytechnic
16th – 30th October France
31st October – 2nd November Belgium
5th November  The Allied Sports & Social Club, Burton On Trent
6th November Aston University, Birmingham
10th November Rascals Club, Chester
12th November University Of Bradford
20th November Wilderspool Centre, Warrington
3rd December Queen Elizabeth , London
8th December Southampton University
9th December Gilbert Hall, Leicester
10th December Worcester College Of Education
15th December Baraaks Gorden, Gillingham
16th December Regal Cinema, Shrewsbury
18th December Zurich
19th December T.V, Paris
23rd December CDP, London(Private)


13th April Marseille, France

MARSEILLE, FRANCE : 13th April, 1977.


Somebody Stole My Wife/It’s a Secret/Gone To Malaya/Lady Rose/Dragster Queen/Alright Alright Alright/Lovin’ In The Alleys, Fightin’ In The Streets/Baby Won’t You Ride My Train/In The Summertime/I Could Start Lovin’ You/Sex Machine-Walk On The Wild Side/Sur Le Pont D’Avignon/Hello Nadine/Just Can’t Say Goodbye

28th May Music Machine, Camden
4th June Dingwall’s, London
5th June Marquee, London – Marquee Website
9th June Bunnie’s Club, Cleethorpes
10th June Shuttleworth College, Biggleswade
14th June St. John’s College, Cambridge
17th June College Of Education, Leicester
18th June Longscar Hall, Cleveland
24th June Corpus Christi College, Oxford
26th June Leisure Centre, Stevenage
30th June Waltham Forest College
24th August National Club, Kilburn
4th November Music Machine, Camden
9th November The Kings, Ilford
10th November Monico Club, Canvey Island
11th November Royalty Ballroom, Southgate
12th November The Windmill, Colchester
18th November Nottingham University
10th November Rascals Club, Chester
19th November Ace Of Clubs, Leeds
21st November Hardstaff, Chesterfield
22nd November Queenswood Club, Leeds
23rd November Golscar Social Club, Huddersfield
24th November St.Oswalds, Nuprohall, Nr;Wigan
25th – 26th November Keighley Variety Club
28th November The Marquee Club, London
2nd December Herts College Of Higher Education, Watford
3rd December Eton Hall, Retford
8th December Speakeasy, Radio 1

(Played, We’re OK, Just Can’t Say Goodbye & Margarita)

9th December Trinity College, Carmarthen
10th December Frenchman’s Motel, Fishguard
11th December B.B.C’s Radio 1 Speakeasy –

Tracks played In The Summertime/We’re OK/Just Can’t Say Goodbye

13th December Ripon College
16th December Bradford University


27th February Lancaster University (with Blondie)

Photo courtesy of Mike Berry.
Photo courtesy of Mike Berry.

“On the second shot (left), getting squashed just behind the front row, centre of the crowd is a real Mungo stalwart who later became a good friend and travelled to odd gigs with me, the sadly departed late Chris Stanyer.”

Mike Berry.

“All the old favourites were there, along with what were new songs at that time – Dragster Queen, I Could Never Start Lovin’ You, Just Can’t Say Goodbye and the fantastic Marguerita.”

“The band won a lot of converts that night.”

Chris Stanyer (RIP)

27th April Stardust Club, Corby
29th April Casablanca, Gainsborough
5th May Music Machine, Camden
14th May – 4th June Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)Rhodesia programme 1978.


Tallahassee Lassie/All Shook Up/Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black/Lady Rose/San Francisco Bay Blues/Seaside (Summertime) Holiday/It’s a Secret/Stand By Me/I Could Never Start Lovin’ You/In The Summertime/Gonna Bop ’til I Drop/Johnny B. Goode/It Ain’t What You Do

9th June Corn Exchange, Cambridge
13th June Pembroke College, Cambridge
15th June Collingwood , Cambridge
16th – 20th June Bulgaria
Mungo Jerry 1978.
Mungo Jerry in Bulgaria 1978. Photo courtesy of Ray Dorset.

22nd June Leeds (Venue unknown)
24th June Roundabout Club, Newport
11th – 13th May Cavendish, Blackburn


 29th May – 2nd June Fiesta Club, Stockton On-Tees

Mungo Jerry Fiesta Club, 1979. Photo by Alan Taylor.
Mungo Jerry Fiesta Club, 1979. Photo by Alan Taylor.
7th June The Centre, Coventry
8th June Queen Elizabeth College, London
9th June King Alfred’s College, Winchester
13th June Yarborough Social Club, Doncaster
14th June The Penthouse Club, Scarborough
16th June Music Machine, Camden Town
18th June Swansea University
22nd June Crewe & Alsager College
26th June Hamilton’s Club, Birkenhead
27th June Lancaster University
28th June Warwick University, Coventry
29th June St. Andrews College, Reading
30th June Surrey University
4th July West Midlands College


28th February Nashville, Kensington (as The Insiders)
4th March Moonlight, West Hampstead (as The Insiders)
5th March Hope and Anchor, Islington (as The Insiders)
7th March College Of Food, Weybridge (as The Insiders)
10th March Greyhound, Fulham (as The Insiders)
12th March The Golden Lion, Fulham (as The Insiders)
14th March JB’s, Dudley (as The Insiders)
19th March College Of Food, Birmingham (as The Insiders)


Summer Fun Package maxi-single.In 1970, Mungo Jerry released the multi-million selling record, In The Summertime. This was the first ever 33 1/3 rpm maxi-single. Now, in 1980 to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they released another 33 1/3 rpm maxi – Mungo’s Summer Fun Package.

This contains four tracks: Summertime Holiday, Hooray It’s Party Time, Night On The Town, Really Had a Goodtime.

The maxi-single comes in an amazing full colour picture bag and is released on the Scratch/Satellite label.

It is available through Pye records (PRT) by courtesy of Hammer records Ltd and will be in record shops from 1st August 1980, order number HS406.

Six-a-side UK sleeve.A compilation album, Six-A-Side is also available on the Satellite label. This also contains Summertime Holiday and Mungo’s original version of the Kelly Marie hit Feels Like I’m In Love which is currently at 61 in the B.B.C chart.

(The mid to late 70’s years were notable for these special events)

The ten year Mungo Jerry reunion which was held at The Goat, Sunbury On Thames, featured the current band line-up together with original members Joe Rush and Paul King. It was such an overwhelming success that repeat performances will be performed.

13th August Rock Garden, London (with original band members)
15th August Target Reading, (with original band members)
16th August Waves – Three Tuns, Kingston-on-Thames (with original band members)
17th August Basingstoke (with original band members)
24th August Golden Lion, Fulham (with original band members)


19th June Hastings Pier Hastings, '81 advert.
19th December Wembley Conference Centre