As we move on to 1982-85, we have to say that 1982 was a bit of a ‘gap-year’ as far as archives go. We had only five dates to hand for example. Possibly due the fact that London based fan club was folding. Derek Wadeson had then re-started things again in 1983 from his home in St.Helens.


15th February Die Fledermaus, Munchengladbach, Germany 1982-85, Die Fledermaus poster '82.
19th February Das Bierdorf, Duisburg, Germany.



Don’t Start Me Talkin’/Mighty Man/Little Bit Of Love/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Wooden Heart/Hello Nadine/Bottle Of Beer/Open Up/Rock ‘n Roll/You Got Me Dizzy/She Loves Me Like a Woman/There’s a Light Shining In The Sky/In The Summertime/Whole Lot Of Shakin’/Put a Little Love In Your Letter/That Old Dust Storm/Why I Sing The Blues/Come Deeper/Glad I’m a Rocker.

21st February School gig, Herten, Germany.
3rd September Corn Exchange, Bury St. Edmunds. Cambridge gig ticket.
21st October Sourhall Cabaret Lounge, Todmorden.



Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Mighty Man/See You Later Alligator/Little Bit Of Love/Lady Rose/Marguerita/In The Summertime/Alright Alright Alright/Open Up/Jean Harlow/Baby Jump/Rock’n Roll/Come Deeper/Glad I’m a Rocker.

23rd November Das Bierdorf, Duisburg, Germany



Don’t Start Me Talkin’/See You Later Alligator/Little Bit Of Love/Lady Rose/Knockin’ On Heavens Door/In The Summertime/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Baby Jump/Rock’n Roll (intro)/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Alright Alright Alright/Wooden Heart/Hello Nadine/Marguerita/Open Up/Let’s Get Started/Whole Lot’a Shakin’ Going On/Put a Little Love In Your Letter/That Old Dust Storm/Singin’ The Blues/Rock. n Roll/You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War/Come Deeper/It Ain’t What You Do/Really Had a Goodtime.


21st June Ray Dorset Interview, BFBS Radio, Cologne, Germany – DJ Mark Tyley
22nd June Burg Blankenstein, Germany



Somebody Stole My Wife/See You Later Alligator/Little Bit Of Love/Lady Rose/Knocking On Heaven’s Door/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Mighty Man/Rock’n Roll/You Got Me Baby/Hello Nadine/She Loves Me Like a Woman/There’s a Light Shining In The Sky/In The Summertime/On a Night Like This/Alright Alright Alright/Wooden Heart/Midnight Special/Bottle Of Beer/San Francisco Bay Blues/Open Up/We’re Gonna Boogie/Great Balls Of Fire.

23rd June Das Bierdorf, Duisburg, Germany

After thinking that it was the end for the Mungo Jerry fan club, it was extremely heartening to hear that a guy called Derek Wadeson had set things up again. Derek explained in the Mungo Jerry book, Beyond The Summertime, how it all came about.

Fan Club secretary Derek Wadeson.“It was while Ray was doing a tour of radio stations to promote Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door that I first spoke to him about resurrecting the club.

“At that time, his then manager Cyril Wayne wanted his daughter Gail to have a go, so the idea was put on ice until Gail’s venture failed and Ray was ready to release There Goes My Heart Again.

“By this time I had known Ray for several years, attending more gigs and collecting more records than my bank balance dares to remember.

“So with Ray’s blessing, I set about starting up the Mungo Jerry Fan Club – Mk4.

“It was initially made much harder due to Cyril having lost all the old fans addresses, so I had to start from scratch.

“I first set about calling it the Mungo Jerry Information Fan Club. I quickly dropped the ‘information’ from the title when people started writing to me. They gave me addresses that they suggested I write to if I wanted info on the group”

29th August Pete Murray Show Interview, Radio 2
9th September Granby Hall, Leicester
10th September Sting, Manchester
15th September Granby Hall, Leicester
24th September Butlin’s, Barry Island
5th October Sheffield University
7th – 8th October Blighty’s, Farnworth
11th – 15th October Nite Out, Birmingham
22nd October Chelmsford (Venue not known)
21st November Casablanca, Carlisle
24th November Winter Gardens, Weston-Super-Mare
25th November Cambridge University
26th November Bournemouth (Venue not known)
3rd December Aberwystwth
7th December Flying Fish, Portland
15th December Woolwich Hospital, London

1982-85 – FAN CLUB NEWSLETTER, 1983

Derek kept the newsletters coming during 1982-85, including this one from 1983…

The current single is available from record shops entitled There Goes My Heart Again c/w Thinking Of You on the Mach1 label, Cat No;MAGIC008 distributed by PRT.

It is the first single for over two years and is receiving airplay throughout the country. Ray has been visiting radio stations stations to promote the single. Radio 2 had a session with Ray that was over 30 minutes long.

Two LP’s are in the pipeline, one as Mungo Jerry, the other as Ray Dorset. We are hoping for pre-Christmas release on both.

A video documentary of Mungo Jerry is being made featuring the band in concert and in the studio. Also, Ray and his family and a jug band session with Joe Rush.

About 4 hours worth has been shot, mainly at Shepperton studio centre. It is to be edited with the intention of getting coverage on one of the TV Channels.

There is plenty of record news from Europe at the moment. Mungo Jerry are currently in the Berlin disco charts with a jug band song.

Gone Gone Gone c/w There Goes My Heart Again.

Ray also has a solo single out in Germany called Next To Me.

A re-mixed LP of Mungo Jerry’s early hits is about to be released in Germany, Mungo Jerry’s Greatest Hits and Ray has appeared on a song by a group called Panache doing the lead vocal on I Wanna Dance, and this has been released as a single in Britain on the Mach1 label, Cat,No; MAGIC004.


6th March SWF3 Fastnachts-Festival, Mainz, Germany
March ? (for one week) Circus Tavern, Withensey
24th March Tower Ballroom, Hull
25th March Wokingham (Venue not known)
31st March Cartoon Club, Croydon
24th August Woolwich Tramshed, London

1982-85, Woolwich Tramshed image, '84.
Photo courtesy of Ray Dorset.


1982-85, Woolwich Tramshed photo, '84.
Photo courtesy of Ray Dorset.


Johnny B.Badde/Alright Alright Alright/O’Reilly/Rock’n Roll/Baby Jump/In The Summertime/On a Night Like This/Open Up/Lady Rose/Mighty Man/Black Betty/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/See You Later Alligator/Little Bit Of Love/Just Can’t Say Goodbye/Goodtime Goodtime/I Could Never Start Loving You/Walk On The Wild Side.

22nd September Stanyx Park Holiday Centre, Silloth
29th September Butlins, Minehead
13th October Bradbury Hall
14th October Cartoon Club, Croydon
19th August Queensway Hall, Dunstable
20th August The Gardens, Yeovil
20th – 24th October Recording in Germany
25th October Scarborough Rugby Club
26th August Gravesend (Venue not known)
31st October Viking Hotel, York
11th November Northampton (Venue not known)
27th November Daventry (Venue not known)
1st December Cartoon Club, Croydon
7th December Central Polytechnic, London
8th December Polesworth NWC, Tamworth
10th December 1982-85, Camden Palace gig advert, '84.Camden Palace, London
14th December Upper Heyford, Oxford
21st December Flohcircus, Hanover, Germany



Johnny B.Goode/Alright Alright Alright/See You Later Alligator/Little Bit Of Love/My Girl/Somebody Stole My Wife/In The Summertime/Hello Nadine/Baby Jump/Rock’n Roll/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Lady Rose/Mighty Man/Have a Whiff On Me/Knockin’ On Heavens Door/In The Summertime/On a Night Like This/Thank You Very Much/Just Can’t Say Goodbye/Wooden Heart.

23rd December Cartoon Club, Croydon
28th December Wheatlea (Venue not known)


17th January Fairfield Hall, Croydon
1st March Newcastle Polytechnic
2nd March Cartoon Club, Croydon
3rd March Dominion Theatre
8th – 9th March Anglessey (Venue noy known)
15th March Exeter (Venue not known)
3rd April Salop (Venue not known)
6th April Sporthall, Alphen, Holland



Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You/Lady Rose/Baby Jump/Rock’n Roll/I Wanna Kiss You All Over/In The Summertime/On a Night Like This/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Black Betty/Alright Alright Alright/Just Can’t Say Goodbye/We’ve Got To Go.

10th April Corky’s Club, Birmingham
21st April Cartoon Club, Croydon
23rd April Teeside Polytechnic
2nd – 12th May West Germany



Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You/Lady Rose/Play For You My Drum/Baby Jump/Rock’n Roll/I Wanna Kiss You All Over/In The Summertime/On a Night Like This/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Black Betty/Wooden Heart/Really Had a Good Time/Rock’n Roll.

On 9th May 1985 prior to the Oberammergau gig Ray was featured with an interview with Annette Hopfenmüller on MUSICBOX on SAT1 TV. He played Play For You My Drum and then was featured with an interview by Ralf Aumann on Radio 2000. Both were in Unterföhring, in the Greater Munich area.

8th May The Zeche, Bochum
10th May Aachen (Venue not known)
15th May Epping (Venue not known)
17th May La De Da’s Club, Accrington
18th May West Germany
1st June Peterborough (Venue not known)
11th June Belfast (Venue not known)
12th June Galway (Venue not known)
13th June The Oval, London
14th June Germany (Festival)
21st June Hexagon, Reading
25th – 26th June Joe’s Beer House, Berlin, Germany
28th – 30th June Hanover, Germany (Festival & TV)
4th July Brocklehurst Agricultural College
6th July Barry Collings Birthday Party (Private)
8th July Shamrock Quay, Southampton (Open air)
14th July Southbank, River Thames (pm), Rock Garden, Portsmouth (evening)
20th July West Germany
25th July Jolly Boatman, Hampton Court
27th July ICI Club, Macclesfield
3rd August Bishop’s Park, Fulham
7th August Club Ruda, Cray’s Bay
9th August R.A.F Linton
10th August Stadfest, Duisberg, Germany
17th August Prison Officers Club, Castington
24th August Fairsbury Sports Club, Basingstoke
25th August Tenterton Club, Kent
27th August R.A.F,  Brize Norton
30th August Haverford West (Venue not known)
31st August Hanover, Germany
6th September Sidmouth (Venue not known)
7th September Congress Theatre, Cwymbran
8th September Wimbledon (Venue not known)
11th September Great Yarmouth (Venue not known)
28th September Butlin’s, Barry Island
4th October St.Giles College, Bucks
5th October Potter’s Holiday Camp, Great Yarmouth
15th October Southend (Venue not known)
18th October Leatherhead (Venue not known)
19th October Cartoon Club, Croydon
24th October Hippo Club, Nottingham
25th October Festival Hall, Corby
29th – 30th October Thames TV Telethon
31st October Tunbridge Wells (Venue not known)
1st – 7th November East Germany (Backed by Tim Green’s band)
8th November William Jackson’s Social Club
20th November Civic Hall, Grays
29th November Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Watford
7th December The Gardens, Yeovil
12th December Town Hall, Fulham
20th December La De Da’s, Accrington
21st December Crest Hotel, London
24th December Cartoon Club, Croydon
31st December Blazer’s Studio, Cullomton