1971, a very busy year for Mungo Jerry with three UK hit singles – Baby Jump, Lady Rose and You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War.

There two albums – Electronically Tested and You Don’t Have To Be In The Army released.

1st January  Portugese gig advert.Portugal (3, concerts & TV) 
8th January Top Rank, Bristol
9th January  Melody Rooms, Norwich 
10th January  Roundhouse, London 
14th January  Showboat, The Mumbles, Swansea
15th January Flamingo, Hereford
16th January Glen Ballroom, Llanelli 
18th January Midem Festival, Cannes, France 
23rd January  Wilton Hall, Bletchley 
29th January  Y.M.C.A, Cambridge 
30th January  Glasgow University 
5th February  Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham 
6th February  High Hall, Birmingham 
12th February  Nice, France Paris gig poster.
13th – 25th February  Italy – also Top Of The Pops televised – Baby Jump – 18th February
25th – 27th February  San Remo Song Festival 
2nd March  Stone Manor Hotel, Kidderminster 
3rd March  Bumpers, London

BUMPERS, LONDON : 3rd March, 1971.

Mungo’s music is so simple you have to smile, stamp your feet and join in.

Scores of bands could play their numbers but are too conscious of the simplicity to try it. But Mungo forge ahead with no worries.

1971 Mungo Jerry group photo.Intellectual audiences may put them down. But Mr Average in search of a good time need look no further.

Last Wednesday London’s Bumpers Club was barely half full to receive them.

There’s something strange about that place. The Kinks the previous week had failed to pack’em in. Even Elton John wasn’t a sell-out.

Mungo plodded through some Mississippi blues with Ray Dorset stamping his foot to hide the absence of drums. Colin Earl making weird noises.

Simple 12-bars, In The Summertime and the odd joke kept all amused.

At times, Dorset’s shrieking made me cringe. More than once things seemed to come unstuck midway through a number.

But, dammit, who cares when folk are enjoying themselves”?

Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 1971.

4th March B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Baby Jump
5th March Durham University
6th March  Scene Two, Scarborough 
11th March B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Baby Jump
12th March Mistrale, Beckenham 
13th March  Stepmothers, Sutton Coldfield

German TV ‘Disco’ televised – Baby Jump

1971 Mungo Jerry group photo.
Mungo Jerry – 1971.
16th March  Plaza, Hanley 
17th – 29th March  Germany/Holland/Yugoslavia 
2nd April  Borough Polytechnic, London 
3rd April  Imperial, Nelson 
6th April  The Marquee Club, London 
8th April Music Hall, Aberdeen
9th April  Memorial Hall, Kilbernie 
10th April  Bears Den, Kilmardinny 
11th April  Electric Garden, Glasgow 
12th April 
Photo courtesy of Stuart Turner.

Caird Hall, Dundee

16th April  Rebecca’s, Birmingham (also Granada TV’s ‘Doing Their Thing’ televised)
19th April St.George’s Hall, Bradford Bradford gig ticket.
24th April  Assembly Hall, Melksham 
28th April  Israel 
Mungo Jerry 1971.
5th May  ABC, Cambridge
6th May ABC, Plymouth
7th May ABC, Exeter 1971 ABC Exeter programme.
8th May  Melody Rooms, Norwich 
11th May  (Recording LWT TV’s ‘Whiitaker’s World Of Music’ – Lady Rose
12th May  Hampstead Country Club 
13th May  Temple Club, London 
14th May  Top Rank, Hanley 
15th May  Glen Ballroom, Llanelli – (also LWT TV’s ‘Whittaker’s World Of Music’ televised – Lady Rose)
16th May  King’s Club, Blighs Hotel, Sevenoaks 
19th – 25th May  Sweden 
28th May  Leeds Polytechnic 
29th May  East Anglia College, Norwich 
3rd June B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Lady Rose
4th June  Winter Gardens, Blackpool 


Mungo Jerry recorded a live set for the legendary DJ, Emperor Rosko. The exact date is unknown to us, but we do know the songs played by the band.


Milk Cow Blues/Lady Rose/Statesbro’ Blues/Peace In The Country/Bottle Up & Go/Mighty Man.

16th June  Top Rank Suite, Cardiff
18th June  Chesford Grange, Kenilworth 
20th June  Winter Gardens, Bournemouth 
24th June B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Lady Rose
29th June  The Marquee Club 
1st July Montpelier Disco and Blues Club, Brighton (See photos)


“The gig was held at a big house called the Montpelier Rooms. The band were actually playing in a large room.

“The house was packed with people standing in the doorways, and on the stairs. The atmosphere was VERY electric!

“As you can imagine, it was very hot in there. They were selling small glasses of Coke for 20p a time. A lot of money in 1971.

“The band sang a lot of songs from their album, Electronically Tested plus Lady Rose and Have a Whiff On Me.

“Banned by the B.B.C because of the cocaine references. Ray told us that the song was written about the cowboys who used to snort cocaine up their noses.

“By the time they reached their late twenties, early thirties, their guts would have fallen through their arses.

“It was a memorable concert. One I shall remember for the rest of my life”!

Graham Knight, Portslade.

9th July Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany
16th July City Hall, Newcastle & Top Hat, Spennymoor
17th July The Viking Club, Seahouses
18th July Pavillion, Westcliff
24th July Public Hall, Wimbledon
26th July Chelsea Village, Bournemouth
27th July Town Hall, Truro
28th – 30th July Barbarella’s, Birmingham
31st July Community Centre, Slough
14th March  German TV ‘Disco’ televised – Lady Rose

WEELEY FESTIVAL : 28th August, 1971.

Mungo Jerry - Weeley Festival, 1971.New Musical Express said, “MUNGO JERRY is a typical festival band.

It’s happy-go-lucky brand of music featuring the famous stomp always goes down best in the open air.

The group made its name at the Hollywood Festival last year (1970) and has been livening up get togethers all over the world ever since.


Midnight Special/O’Reilly/Have A Whiff On Me/I’m The Urban Spaceman/Lady Rose/Statesbro’ Blues/In The Summertime/Bottle Up & Go/We Shall Be Free/I Just Wanna Make Love To You/Going Down Slow/Baby Jump/Mighty Man..

28th August  Weeley Festival – For more info


The six-man Mungo Jerry went on in the early afternoon and grabbed one of the best spots of the entire shebang.

The audience was in the right mood, the sun was out and the open-air feel of Mungo Jerry’s music took over.

After a couple of numbers like, Midnight Special and Have a Whiff On Me, the crowd was clapping and yelling and banging cans and things.

Mungo Jerry - Weeley Festival, 1971.Joe Rush was drafted in from Country Jug to play bass drum, cymbal, skiffle board and assorted wooden blocks. Roadie ‘Bizz’ sang and banged a tambourine on odd numbers.

Colin Earl played barefoot and Ray Dorset occasionally got up and jogged about the stage.

During the act, an alsatian came and laid along the front of the stage panting and shooting the odd glance at the band.

He seemed to enjoy, Urban Spaceman, In The Summertime, Lady Rose, Bottle Up & Go, Mighty Man, We Shall Be Free, I Just Wanna Make Love To You and all the others as much as everyone else.

Once Mungo Jerry get a rhythm going, it’s hard to break it, and the stomping, ‘have a good time’ treatment they give.

NME Review.

Ray Dorset on Weeley…“I had a good time at the festival hanging around on the red bus with Rod Stewart.

“He gave me a copy of his latest album. It included the great hit, Maggie May. We filmed the promo to You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War .

“The gig was OK.”

7th September Palermo Pop Festival, Sicily
12th September Longleat Home Festival
16th September B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War
23rd September B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War – (audio recording only)
29th September Music Now TV Show, Germany (played Midnight Special)
3rd June B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War
4th October 1971 gig advert. Casino Club, Bolton
8th October Royal Holloway College, Egham
9th October 1971 gig advert. Chelsea College Freshers Ball
19th October Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
22nd October Technical College, Luton
23rd October Festival Hall, Corby
2nd November Roundhouse, Chalk Farm
3rd – 4th  November London Weekend TV – You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War
5th November Wincanton Race Course
6th November Dorothy Ballroom, Cambridge
7th – 8th November Recording – Ray Dorset solo
10th November New Century Hall, Manchester
11th November Glen Ballroom, Llanelli
12th – 14th November Yugoslavia
16th – 17th November Recording
19th November City University, London
20th November Civic Hall, Guildford – (also LWT TV Top 20 Special televised – You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War)
22nd November City Hall, Sheffield
25th November Mayfair Suite, Birmingham
26th November Lancaster University
Mungo Jerry - Lancaster University, 1971
Mungo Jerry – Lancaster University, 1971.
27th November Cambridge Technical College
28th November Victoria Rooms, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
29th November
Tour poster at the time of You Don't Have To Be In The Army
Tour poster at the time of You Don’t Have To Be In The Army.

Guildhall, Portsmouth

3rd December Gibus Club, Paris, France 1971 Gibus Club advert.
9th December Melody Rooms, Norwich
11th December University Of Essex
25th December B.B.C’s Christmas Top Of The Pops televised – Baby Jump