Sadly, once again there were no live gigs performed during 2021, but there were lots of other wonderful things going on in the Mungo Jerry World.

IT’S PSYCHEDELIC BABY: Ray has found time to pass on a link to an interesting article for It’s Psychedelic Baby magazine. Just click HERE

CHATTERBOX UK: Ray had a one hour plus chat with Chatterbox UK and dedicated a two hour program to Mungo Jerry. The first time that they had done this. It went out syndicated to 62 stations around the world, some big and some very small. 

Mungo Jerry’s, That’s The Colour Of Love peaked at No.3 on the Heritage chart.

It was also the ‘Record Of The Month’ on Radio Glamorgan.

It was featured from on the legendary Thomas Brockmann Radio Show and was repeated on Frank Laufenberg’s Pop-Stop-das Musikradio.

JJ also found a German adverts for:



The radio presenter Mike Read said, “From In The Summertime to That’s The Colour Of Love, Mungo Jerry still have the lightness of touch and the feelgood factor.

There were over 1,000 hits on YouTube on the first day and a day later, passed 2,000, and is now over 18,000!

Click HERE to read a piece on That’s The Colour Of Love in the German magazine – MUSIX.

MICK O’HANLON’S REVIEW:  There is something in this song that the world needs now!

This YouTube delight contains 3:24 minutes of the carefree, good-time music you expect from Ray Dorset, (aka Mungo Jerry).

Your feet will be tapping along to its easy, infectious beat as the irresistible Mungo groove carries you along its neat melody.

As catchy as other Mungo classics, the song is light, bright, and as uplifting as when the sun comes out from behind the clouds.

The video is full of sunlight and style and it perfectly complements the song.  Treats include a montage of multiple Ray Dorset’s, playing an array of instruments including guitars, piano, bass, banjo, accordion and even the ubiquitous Mungo Jerry jug!

Sunny scenes of nature in all its splendour carry the song along its melodic path to the last beat that leaves you wanting more. This little piece of uncomplicated genius could help us whistle and hum our way happily through lockdown.

Style is a way of saying something about yourself without speaking. This musical pick-me-up is cheerful, sunlit, Mungo Jerry style, at its best.

Bravo, Ray Dorset!

Mick O’Hanlon.


“…Happy days are back…”

“Loving the new tune., it has that cool happy vibe everybody wants but can never find…”

“…very catchy, like it!…”

“I just wanted to say, that new song is fantastic. I cannot get it out of my head. So happy and positive. Great tune and great lyrics. Well done…”

“…still making happy music. Love it!…”

“…Excellent, hope to hear it and other songs live soon…”

“…Gotta luv this man, always brings a smile to my face…”

There is already a cover version on YouTube that you can check out by clicking HERE

STUART COWELL INTERVIEW: Derek found this interview online with Stuart Cowell, from the band Titus Groan, who you may recall played guitar on the Mungo Jerry track, Little Louis on the Lady Rose maxi-single. He does mention Mungo a time or two and recalls the Hollywood Festival.

Click HERE to read.

Photo by Gavin Wadeson.

Here’s Derek ‘posing’ with this brilliant piece of wall art, currently adorning his office wall.

It is a painting by his son Gavin, given to his Dad as a birthday present.

Isn’t it fantastic!

INTERVIEWS: Ray has recorded a very good interview with Shout radio for the Minds Behind the Music Project, it will be broadcast shortly and he is expecting to receive the complete unedited piece to use as he wishes. He also did the same with Plastic EP in Oz together with Sabine in the UK.

Mick O’Hanlon has been in touch to tell us, “Ray was just on Irish national TV (RTE1 – radio telefis eireann) during the last hour (28/12/21). He featured in a little segment on a show called How Ireland rocked the 70’s.

“Basically, the Mungo clip was a look back on an open air festival from 4th September 1970 in Richmond Park, home ground of Dublin team St. Patrick’s Athletic F.C.

“The establishment at that time deeply distrusted youth culture and bands and there was a heavy security presence at the gig. Anyway, some of the crowd rushed the stage and joined the band onstage and the organisers pulled the plug after three songs.

“It’s a nice little segment with lovely drone filming over Richmond Park while In The Summertime plays in the background and Ray is interviewed from his Bournemouth HQ.

“Nice touch too, where they show the original promotional In The Summertime video playing on the wall of the grandstand. Nice vibe.

“I will send you all a link to the RTE player when they put it up. Why was I not there I hear you ask? Because I was only 14 and the schools, where we got all our info on bands, were closed due to a teachers strike that went on for a few weeks. So, I never heard about it until afterwards, even though it was in the newspapers. Anyway, my mother would not have let me go”.

BOOM RADIO: The interview that Ray did with Phil Riley for Boom Radio went out on Sunday (7/11/21) at 9 p.m UK time and was repeated at the same time Thursday (11/11/21).

Apparently, Boom Radio is the most listened to digital radio station in the UK.

Thanks to Darren Jones, to listen to what was a great interview, just click below.


BRITAIN’S BIGGEST 70’S HITS: Britain’s Biggest 70s Hits (EP 1: 1970) was broadcast on Friday 22nd October at 10pm on Channel 5 in the UK. Ray participated in the series with comments on some of the music featured.

The following week featured 1971 and once again, Mungo Jerry were mentioned with the bands second consecutive number one, Baby Jump (at 16 in the chart) received some positive comments with DJ Tommy Boyd saying, “Mungo Jerry were an amazing act”!

1970 U.S.A TOUR: Click HERE to read an interesting story by Steve Miller regarding the gig he shared with Mungo Jerry at the Fillmore East in 1970.

GB NEWS UK: Ray has recorded an interview for GB News UK with Dan Wootton.

To watch the footage click HERE

RAY ON THE ALEX DYKE SHOW: Ray spoke to Alex Dyke at 11 pm UK time (23/07/21) on Radio Solent which was set to go out on 6 BBC radio stations. Alex played In The Summertime and That’s the Colour of Love.

JJ sent us a link to some photos and info regarding the gig on the 6th of April, 2012 with Wishbone Ash.

Click HERE to view.

JJ has also came up with a few bits of news following his holiday in Cyprus.

Like in 2020, on KISS FM, it’s summertime! Every 2 hours, we had a jingle with Shaggy and Mungo Jerry’s original played on air. Summer, in Cyprus, is from May to October so there are many, many airplays!

In a French/Belgian comic, it’s 1970 and the Daddy is singing In The Summertime. Click to link below to view


TOBY HOUNSHAM:  Mungo Jerry’s brilliant keyboard player, Toby Hounsham joined, The Stranglers as a replacement for their legendary keyboard player, Dave Greenfield, who sadly passed away earlier in 2021.

Toby’s plans to perform live on Facebook (27/06/21) were scuppered by a few gremlins.

Toby hoped to re-schedule and play tracks from his brand new album, Double Six.

It is a collection of boogie-woogie numbers and is available either as a download or on CD by clicking HERE

Toby performed live on Facebook (28/05/21) and it should still be available to view by clicking HERE

RAY ON CELEBRITY POP QUIZ: Ray took part (via Zoom) in a celebrity pop quiz for the legendary DJ/Radio Presenter, Mike Read on the Nation Radio website. The show was available to view on June 13th in many countries. How many did he get right? Click the link below to find out.


A new book by Peter Checksfield was published about the legendary TV show Top Of The Pops.


There are several pictures and recollections by Ray Dorset included and to purchase, just click HERE