ALBUMS 1991-2023

From 1991 onwards, Mungo Jerry released several acclaimed albums. The follow-up to the much loved Snakebite album was seven years in coming but those that followed came in reasonably regular intervals.

The critically acclaimed LP’s, Adults Only (2003), Naked From The Heart (2007), Cool Jesus (2011) and Xstreme in 2019.


Old Shoes New Jeans sleeve.Known as ‘the blues album’ in Mungo circles, Old Shoes New Jeans was another package of blues/rock that featured Dino Baptiste on blues harp.

Ray Dorset on Old Shoes, New Jeans…On the blues album I sang everything in a lower softer style and mixed all of the solos together as I was trying to get the sort of mix that I had heard on a John Lee Hooker album Live At The Cafe a Go Go.

“Steve had to leave the band for personal reasons.

“Les gave me the contact info for Dino and he was happy to do the sessions. Dino also played on one of the Candy Dreams tracks, So Lonely. He is a very good player”.

Tracks: P.A.R.T.Y.O/Beautiful Widow/Birthday Blues/One More Night Without You/Bottle Of Beer/Boogie All The Way/Wiggle and Waggle/New Pair Of Jeans/Unloved Unwanted/I’ve Got The Blues – (Special bonus track; All That a Woman Should Be).

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Candy Dreams sleeve.The most un-Mungo-like album of all time maybe? Candy Dreams was a mixture of pop/disco/rock/soul – I think?

The band featured the brothers Contostavlos (Byron -bass) and Plato (keyboards), the fathers of Dappy and Tulisa from N-Dubz.

Tim Green excelled on lead guitar on this album.

Ray Dorset on Candy Dreams…“I began working on songs that were on the Candy Dreams album in 1989 then I was asked to do a blues album.

“I worked on both at my home studio set up and most of my guitar and vocals were recorded there.

“All of the guides and my keyboard parts were put down on a 16-track half-inch machine.

“The machine transferred them to two inch at the Red Bus studios where all of the work was completed”.

Tracks: So Lonely/With a Girl Like U/D.Y.W.L.W.M/In The Middle Of The Nite/R U Ready 4 Sex/Jump Up and Down/Talk Is Cheap/Luv Inn/Hippy High Hi/Where R U/No More Woman Blues/Make Me Happy/Feels Like I’m In Love/Wynde-Up 2 @ a Tyme/In The Summertime 2001/Yellow Gloves/Wynde Up 2 @ a Tyme (Radio Mix).


Adults Only sleeve.First album by the German based Mungo Jerry Bluesband, and what an album! Led Joe Rush to say at the time that it was “the best thing he’s done”!

Ray Dorset on Adults Only…“The German blues band started out as a Thursday night jam for fun.

“After we got a couple of gigs, the Vlotho Festival and the Hamburg Blues Club, Michael suggested that we make an album.

“So I put on my thinking cap and set about sorting out some songs to record.

“Some new ones were written, and I decided to do some that I had previously recorded plus some old blues favourites.

“All of the equipment was set up in the studio as we did for rehearsals and sing and play everything together, including most of the solos.

“I think that it worked OK. Certainly, the reaction to the album and all of the reviews that we got was very positive; I was pleased with the result”.

Tracks: Statesbro’ Blues/Morning Dew/With a Girl Like You/Goin’ Down Slow/One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer/I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow/She Loves Me Like a Woman/We Gotta Get Out O’ The Army/All I Wanna Do/Rock Me Mama/St. Pete’s Florida Blues/I Just Can’t Say Goodbye.

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1991 onwards - Naked From The Heart sleeve.Incredibly good Mungo Jerry album recorded at Toerag Studios in London.

Ray wasbacked by drummer Bruce Brand and for the first time since 1970, original double bass player, Mike Cole.

Ray Dorset on Old Shoes, New Jeans…“The album was recorded all analogue in a retro style at 8 track, Toe Rag studios.

“This is where the White Stripes recorded their No.1 Elephant album, and 16 track Gizzard studio.

“This was the first time that Mike and I had recorded together since In The Summertime and the first Mungo Jerry album.

“Bruce is a graphics artist, he has done artwork for albums by the White Stripes, Darkness, etc. He is a very good all round musician.

“He is also a Mungo fan and his input for the album was indispensable.

“Mike showed what an inventive, versatile and creative bass player he is. It was a pleasure to work with him again. I’m looking forward to our next collaboration”.

Tracks: Motor Biking/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Make Me Happy/Come On Baby/Hey Gyp, Dig The Slowness/Play That Funkin’ Music/Go To Sleep/Hippty Cat Mama/Ten Little Women/Everybody Wants Someone/I’m a Liar/I’ve Got My Eye On You/Let’s Go/We Will Never Be Alone/I Walked Everywhere/Staying At Home/Staying At Home (single version).

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1991 onwards - When She Comes She Runs All Over Me sleeve.

Ray Dorset on When She Comes… It was no easy job to record this album.

“We worked in a different studio this time and the first recordings had to be scrapped.

“I took over placement of the musicians in the studio and we set up again as for rehearsals, and recorded in the same way as we did for the Adults Only album.

” It was important to do some different things this time and not have a repetition of the first album.I think that it worked.

“We were pleased with the album; it was mentally hard work over a long period of time.

“I had to record stuff in the capabilities of the guys. At the same time try to not go over too much old ground and also make it different from the conventional type of blues album.

“The title has a double meaning I guess. One is contained in the song lyrics and the other is up to the imagination of the person that hears the title spoken!”

Tracks: Married Woman Blues/Feeling The Blues/I Had A Bird/When She Comes (She Runs All Over Me)/My Own Country/Kicking Back/I Miss You/Where Are You (Humming Song)/The Wind Is Blowing/Lovely Holyday.

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Cool Jesus sleeve.Brilliant Mungo Jerry album! Paul King agreed! Everyone did – critics, fans!

Based on the groove of the Boot Power album as depicted on Bruce Brand’s sleeve design, the album contained many mega tracks, Going Up The River and Praying So Hard to name but two.

Tracks: Cool Jesus/John Henry/Far Away/Let’s Rock/Give Us A Song/Hello Baby/Just Her Way/Going Up The River/You Can Get It If You Want It/I Lie Awake/Red Leather & Chrome/Lucky Girl/I Wanna Live In The Sun/We Are The Same/Praying So Hard/He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands/Mama Don’t Allow/Give Us A Song (Refrain).

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Recorded in Vienna with Ray Dorset. (vocals, guitar, percussion, blues harp), Heini Altbart (drums). Helmut Posch & Charly Loch (keyboards) Wolf Bass (guitar) Karl Sayer (bass) plus assorted musicians and the Gospel Ensemble.

Ray Dorset teamed up with Heini Altbart to record this album.

Several gigs were performed with Mungo bassist Jon Playle who was unable to attend the recording sessions.

Tracks: Wiggle & Waggle (edited)/Kicking Back/100 Miles/I Had a Dream (Bird)/La La La/One More Night (Without You)/The Wind Is Blowing/Would You Like To Ride/Hallelujah.

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Kicking Back sleeve.2014 version of the album with a slightly different track listing.

Mungo Jerry bassist Jon Playle replaces the original bass parts by Karl Sayer.

On this version we sadly lose track nine Hallelujah to be replaced by Wiggle and Waggle (with drum solo) and a shortened Wiggle and Waggle (edit) now starts off the album.

Tracks: Wiggle & Waggle (edited)/Kickin’ Back/One Hundred Miles/I Had a Bird/La, La, La/One More Night Without You/The Wind Is Blowin’/Would You Like To Ride/Wiggle & Waggle (with drum solo).

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REWIND (2016)

Rewind slleve.Mungo double album that includes a ‘Best Of’ disc and also a brand new set of recordings from Ray and the band.

Notable tracks are in the live set of today – Touch The Sky and I’ll Be a Hippy ‘Til I Die.

Tracks: Disc 1: In The Summertime/Lady Rose/You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War/Hello Nadine/Somebody Stole My Wife (new version)/Alright Alright Alright/Wild Love/Sugar Mama/All That a Woman Should Be/Snakebite/Mighty Man/Heavy Foot Stomp/Motor Bikin’/Going Up The River/Open Up/Baby Jump/Good Times On Your Mind

Disc 2: It Don’t Matter/Touch The Sky/You’ll Be Sorry/Rhythm Is a Healer/I’ll Be a Hippy ’til I Die/I Only Had a Dollar/One More Night Without You/The Old Apple Tree/Going Down To Mexico/Hidden Track.

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100% LIVE (2016)

100% Live sleeve.Double CD album, originally broadcast live by SWR Radio of the Mungo Jerry gig at Baden Baden, Germany on the 26th of April, 2016.

Superb sound quality makes this a special helping of Mungo Jerry.

Tracks: Disc 1: Let’s Roll (Let ‘er Roll/Rock Me Mama/Kicking Back/Morning Dew/The Wind Is Blowing/One More Night Without You/That’s Why I Sing The Blues/Touch The Sky/I Had A Bird/All I Wanna Do/With a Girl Like You/Margarita/I’ll Be a Hippy ‘Til I Die.

Disc 2: Rhythm Is a Healer/Lady Rose/Feels Like I’m In Love/In The Summertime/Make Me Happy/Baby Jump/If You Had a Goodtime Say Yeah.

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XSTREME (2019)

Xstreme sleeve.Released in 2019. Ten brand new recordings by Ray and the band, in a blues/rock style but with flavours of reggae, jug band and 50’s style rock ‘n roll.

Ray, played bass on most of the album.

Tracks: Stray Dog/Got To Have a Plan/Mr. Teacher/White Dress/10-Foot Bankroll/Messing Around/Flying On The Gravy Train/Come To The Party/Hard Working Stranger/The Wind Is Blowing.

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Also released in 2019, Touch The Sky contains the new studio recordings featured on the Rewind double-CD along with three live recordings from a gig in Germany.

Tracks: It Don’t Matter/Touch The Sky/You’ll Be Sorry/Rhythm Is a Healer/I’ll Be a Hippy ’til I Die/I Only Had a Dollar/One More Night Without You/The Old Apple Tree/Going Down To Mexico.

Black Girl/La La La/Touch The Sky – (live recordings).

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As the title suggests and in Ray’s words, ‘there are some lighter tracks along with some rockers’ on this 2022 CD. Several tracks were released as singles and were big hits on Mike Read’s Heritage Chart.

Tracks: Midnight City/Lord What Have We Done/Whole Lot Of Rhythm/Lockdown Thank You Song/Happy To Be/Country Woman/Let’s Do It Again/That’s The Colour Of Love/The Right Song/Home Alone/Corona Virus Blues/A Plea For The Planet.

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Released in December 2023 and available as a vinyl LP, it is a collection of interesting old favourites with a few words on each track by Ray.

Tracks: Side 1: In The Summertime (New recording)/Mighty Man (Original test version)/Baby Jump (2023 version)/Lady Rose (New recording)/Hello Nadine (Original hit version).

Side 2: Alright Alright Alright (2023 version with the missing third verse)/Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black (2023 version)/You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War (Solo acoustic version)/Feels Like I’m In Love (Singalong in the coffee bar version)/Dragster Queen (Swedish studio version).