A number 3 hit in the summer of 1973 and blasted Mungo Jerry back into the charts.

What a great choice it proved to be as it raced up the charts, only denied the number one slot by Peters and Lee and one G. Glitter!

The single was a big surprise to most fans as they were expecting Say Goodnight, a track that appeared on the Greatest Hits album, to be the single.

Alright Alright Alright sheet music.
Sheet Music.

Radio 1 were playing Say Goodnight and even announced it as the new Mungo Jerry release.

Tracks: Alright Alright Alright/Little Miss Hipshake.

Ray Dorset said…

“I was really pleased with the track, it was good to come back with such a big international hit”.


I mean it’s not drivel or a work of genius. It kind of gets you going with a two beat riff and jolly vocals and it’s probably their best chance of a hit since the great days of…In The Summertime.

My God, can it really be three years ago since Hollywood Festival?

Back to top form, I’d say. Ray Dorset rasps away as happily as ever, tut-tutting, or even toot-tooting early on, and then into one of those good-time infectious chorus songs.

It’s a brand new line-up now (Paul Hancox, Bob Daisley and John Cook with Ray) and there’s the old-time foot tapping, finger-snapping, head -lolling approach. Ray really enjoys his work.

CHART CHANCE – Record Mirror, 1973.

Well we haven’t seen this merry group in the chart for several long months. No doubt many people will be glad to see them return with their very own recipe of cheerful pop.

As someone remarked to me this week, “What a summery sound this group have.”

And they’re right, Mungo have become as much a part of the British summer as Wimbledon fortnight or Henley.

This particular song is a happy bouncy work, which is both simple or effective. It opens with a brief instrumental phase, followed by some high pitched hooting vocals, after which the verse starts.

Uncomplicated lines such as “some say that, some say this, some say no and some say yes” ensure that all types of people will understand it.

Idiots, complete idiots and even singles reviewers should have no difficulty.

Check out this brilliant recent live version of the song performed by the Mungo Jerry band.

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