The years, 2010-14 find Ray still gigging, still recording! Mungo Jerry continued to bring the good times to audiences all over Europe and beyond.


15th January Namm Jam, U.S.A
27th – 28th January Le Moods, Monaco, France
22nd – 24th February Recording
25th February Vienna, Austria
26th February Voitsberg, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
27th February Kindberg, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
1st March Taff Staff signing
13th March Dusseldorf, Germany (Private)
8th May G4G Gala, Bournemouth
12th May Alademiebuhne, Baden-Baden, Germany
24th May Talk Sport Radio
29th May Gelsenkirchen, Germany
1st – 2nd June Processed Pea, Etton

Processed Pea 2010.
Ray presented with a framed photograph to celebrate 40 Years Of Mungo Jerry. Photo taken by a fan.
4th June The Shire Hall, HowdenHowden gig poster.
5th June The Polish Club, Amersham
15th June Recording for T.V’s ‘Loose Women’
16th June Transmission for ‘Loose Women’
18th June Farmyard Party, Motorcycle Festival, Duncombe Park

(with Mike Cole & Garry Pullen)

20th June Bielefeld Church, Germany
24th June Recording for T.V’s ‘The One Show’
3rd July Festival, Oslo, Norway
8th July Herford Stadt Festival, Germany
10th July Luxembourg (with Heini Altbart)
17th – 18th July GuilfestGuilfest 2010 advert.
24th July Bix Jazz Club, Stuttgart, Germany (with Heini Altbart)
29th July Zagreb, Croatia
30th July Hanover Park, Hanover, Germany
31st July Santa Pod Raceway, Nr; Wellingborough
6th August Cowes Week, Isle Of Wight
13th August Rugen, Germany (with Christoph Steinback)
14th – 15th August Jazz In Town Festival, Kopenick, Berlin, Germany (with Christoph Steinback)
17th August Filming for WDR TV
21st August Woodstock In Lippe Festival, Germany
26th August Blues and Barbecue Show, Ludwigsburg, Germany
3rd September Weyfest (including guest appearance by Paul King)Weyfest 2010 flyer.

Open Up/Let’s Roll/Rock Me Mama/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Lady Rose/Going Up The Country/Midnight Special/Baby Let’s Play House/Alright Alright Alright/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/No More Woman Blues/Why I Sing The Blues/In The Summertime/Roadhouse Blues/Nutbush City Limits.

5th September Bielefeld Tier Park – WDR Live TV (40 Years Of In The Summertime)
7th September Tegernbach Hotbuhne, Austria
8th September Soundborne Studio, Vienna, Austria (Recording)
9th September Fuhrman Hauss, Vienna, Austria – SOLD OUT
10th September Fuhrman Haus, Vienna, Austria – EXTRA SHOW
17th September Mr Kyps, Poole
29th September Blues Festival, Sweden (with Heini Altbart)


10th March The Mulberry, FarnhamMulberry gig poster 2011.
18th March TV show, Bucharest, Rumania
23rd March City Hall, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
25th – 26th March Metropol, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
29th March – 3rd April Metropol, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart)Heini Altbart/Mungo Jerry poster.
5th – 10th April Metropol, Vienna, Austria – (with Heini Altbart)
29th April Classic Rock Festival, Linz, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
14th May Big River Festival, Holland
17th – 19th May Metropol, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
19th May Club Vienna, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart) – 8pm
20th – 22nd May Metropol, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart)
23rd May Metropol, Club Gwolb, Korneuburg
24th -27th May Metropol, Vienna, Austria
12th June Lazy Bishops Festival, Farnham
17th June The Railway, Winchester
25th June Hungary
2nd July Jazz Festival, Meiningen, Germany (with Heini Altbart)
9th July Rock Around Malbun, Liechtenstein (with Heini Altbart)
15th July
Johnny Cook back on keys at Kyp’s. Fan’s photo.

Mr Kyps, Poole

23rd – 24th July Fuhrman Haus, Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart)

Vienna 2011.
Fan’s photo.
2nd August Jazz Festival, Basel, Switzerland (with Heini Altbart)
6th August Monmouth Festival
11th August Bansko Jazz Festival (with Heini Altbart)
13th August Nish Jazz Festival (with Heini Altbart)
27th August Norway
2nd September WeyfestWeyfest 2011 flyer.
14th September TV1, France TV
23rd September Stuttgart, Germany (Their version of Oktoberfest, live German TV)
8th October Heilbron, Germany
15th October Sing It Back, Dunstable Conference CentreSing It Back 2011 advert.
29th October Steinegg Jazz Festival, Italy (with Suzi Quatro) – more info
4th November Baltic Soul Weekend, Germany
17th November Obing, Germany (with Heini Altbart)
18th November Schafferhoff, Germany (with Heini Altbart)
19th November Runding, Germany (with Heini Altbart)
26th November TV Show, Albania
10th December Antwerp Golden Music Event, Belgium


6th January Boogie Woogie Concert, Kulturpalast, Dresden, Germany (with Thomas Steltzer)
23/25/26/30th January Recording
6th March BBC Recording with Sean Tilley for Capitol Gold, London
6th April La Poudrierre, Leffrinckoucke, France

To view footage, click HERE (Mungo @ 24min, 26)

JJ’s backstage pass.

For more info

27th May Bad Vibell, Nr; Frankfurt, Germany
2nd June Biri, Norway
9th June Mr Kyps, Poole (Kyps 10th anniversary – Free admission)
17th June Kieler Woche 2012, Kiel, Germany
15th July Guilfest (Acoustic stage)Guilfest 2012 advert.
18th July TV, Norway
20th July Fredrikstad, Norway
28th July Help For Heroes, HounslowArmy In The Park banner 2012.
1st August Palazzo Festival, Regensburg, Germany (with Heini Altbart)
2nd August Amberger Sommerfestival, Amberg, Germany
8th August Bansko Jazz Festival, Bulgaria (with Heini Altbart)
9th August Bansko Jazz Festival, Bulgaria (with Heini Altbart & Lenny Exson)
10th August Festival, Norway
18th August Reitwien Blues Rock Party, Germany
24th August Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton
25th August Colne Blues Festival
26th August Upton Festival
21st September The Mill Arts Centre, BanburyThe Mill, Banbury logo.
29th September Zurichsee Festival, Zurich Lake, Switzerland
5th October Stavanger, Norway
13th October The Polish Club, Amersham
20th October Blues On The North Sea
24th November Efurt, Germany (with Suzi Quatro)
28th December The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury


8th -10th  January Filming ‘Dead Walkers’
23rd – 25th January Hard Rock Café, BucharestHard Rock Cafe, Bucharest.
8th – 10th February TV, Rome, Italy
16th April Guest at Boxing dinner.
8th – 9th May Recording with Siggi Schwartz
25th May Korsar Open Air 2013, Korsor, Denmark
31st May Beer Festival, Guildford
1st June Ringwood (Private gig)
5th – 6th July Blues Night Festival, Gossau, Switzerland
12th – 14th July Kitzbul, Austria
27th July Fahrwangen, Switzerland
3rd August A.A.M.F, Woodstock, New York, U.S.A
4th August Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.ABrooklyn poster.
9th August Betley Court Farm, Nr; Crewe (with Status Quo)
24th August Linzer Krone Festival, Linz, Austria
27th September Kulturfabrik Kofmeht, Solothurn, Switzerland
28th September Zurichsee Festival, Switzerland
1st – 2nd November Stade Oceane, Le Havre, France


26th January Butlins Great Rock & Blues Festival, Skegness
16th April British Legends Night, Bucharest, Romania
29th May – 1st June Rory Gallagher tribute poster.Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival

Ballyshannon, Ireland

20th – 22nd June Ben Waters Music Festival, Haselbury Mill, Dorset
24th June Karrebæksminde, Denmark

Ray Dorset & John Hornhaver, Minde 2014.
Ray Dorset & John Hornhaver. Photo by John Hornhaver.
6th September Pytchley Grange, Kettering
7th September Bestival – Pigs Big Ballroom
14th September Darlington Rhythm & Blues FestivalDarlington Blues Festival flyer 2014.


14th September, 2014

Darlington Blues Festival.
Fan’s photo.

Rock Me Mama/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War/Lady Rose/Going Down Slow/Open Up/Feels Like I’m In Love/In The Summertime/Baby Jump/Nutbush City Limits/Make Me Happy/Really Had a Goodtime

19th September Mr Kyps, Poole (with Ben Waters Band)
7th November Concorde Club, Southampton
17th November Festival, Rumania
29th November Kultur-un Kongresshaus, Leo-Neumayer Platz 1, Johann im Pongau, Austria
11th December Ray Dorset turning on Christmas lights, Bournemouth

Click BOURNEMOUTH ECHO to read news report.

Ray turning on Xmas lights, Bournemouth.
Fan’s photo.