Another great start to our page for 2005-09 when in 2005, we saw Mungo Jerry, once again, return to Newcastle Under-Lyme for a series of gigs at the Coppice School and to a theatre in Stoke On-Trent.


15th January Processed Pea Folk Club, Etton
30th January Alveston Hall
23rd April Middelharnis, Holland
3rd – 3th June Esbjerg Festival, Denmark

Esbjerg '05 DVD.
Esbjerg ’05 DVD.
18th June 35 Years Of Mungo Jerry – Coppice School, Newcastle Under-Lyme (see PHOTOS)
19th June 35 Years Of Mungo Jerry – Forum Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent (see PHOTOS)
7th July MDR-TV
16th July Hagen, Germany
5th August Eupen, Nr; Aachen
6th August Sinah Warren – CANCELLED
20th August Melle, Germany
21st August Plettenberg, Germany
26th August Sinah Warren, Hayling Island
24th August Dartmouth Regatta
28th August Friends Of Poole FestivalPoole Park '05 logo.
9th – 10th September Spain
11th September Hanover, Germany
29th September Four Corners Music Club, Untermeitingen, Nr; Augsburg, Germany
30th September Festzelt Industrie, Morgarten, Switzerland
1st October Gruetili – The Club, Ruethi-Buechel, Switzerland
8th October Meuselback/Thurringia Tent, Germany
15th October Mr Kyps, Poole
16th October Vauxhall Caravan Park, Great Yarmouth
3rd November Radio Bielefeld, Germany
12th November Thoresby Hall


29th January TV Hamburg, Germany
24th February Rostock, Germany
25th February Cottbus, Germany
1st March Ray judging ‘South Coast Idol’, Bournemouth
4th March Hamm, Germany
10th March TV, Bielefeld, Germany
15th March Ray judging ‘South Coast Idol’, Bournemouth
3rd April TV, Germany
5th April Ray judging ‘South Coast Idol’, Bournemouth
28th April Ray judging ‘South Coast Idol Final’, Portsmouth
31st May Mr Kyps, Poole (Ray Dorset and Alan Johnson – unplugged)

Ray Dorset & Alan Johnson, Mr Kyps, '06.
Fan’s photo.
2nd June Switzerland
3rd June Rock The Wolf, Switzerland
23rd June The Plough, Walthamstow – Click HERE for a great review
24th June Blomberg/Tintrup Stadion, Germany
8th July Bournemouth Football Club

Bournemouth F.C gig, '06.
Fan’s photo.
11th August Wattwil, Switzerland
12th August Switzerland (Venue not known)
13th August Wattwil, Switzerland
19th August Duren, Germany
20th August Northampton Blues Festival
25th August
Barsinghausen 2006.
Fan’s photo.

Barsinghausen, Germany

26th August Vlotho, Germany
2nd September Fehmarn Festival, Germany
16th September Leipzig, Germany
30th September Mr Kyps, Poole
16th October Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia
27th October The Garden, Munich
28th October Deggendorf/Bayern, Germany
30th October Mr Kyps, Poole
18th November Lippstadt Oldie Festival
22nd November Mr Kyps, Poole

Mr. Kyps gig 2006.
Fan’s photo.
25th November Thomas Tripp Late & Live, Bournemouth
26th November The Star, Guildford

Guildford '06.
Fan’s photo.
1st December Brilon Weihnactskonzert, Germany


1st February The Horns, Watford
2nd February Redstack Playhouse, Bexhill
22nd March Solo – TV Geneva

Geneva '07.
Fan’s photo.
24th March Forst ‘Manitu’, Germany
29th March Lehrte Gastro-Messe, Germany
19th May West Sands Holiday Park, Chichester
1st – 2nd June Drop ‘n Rock FestivalDrop 'n Rock Festival.
8th June Verona, Italy
17th – 20th June TV ZDF, Mallorca
29th June Gosport Festival

Gosport Festival.
Fan’s photo.
30th June The Farm, Cranbourne
7th July Zele, Belgium
4th August CAL W Rockt, Germany (with Jethro Tull)
11th August West Sands Holiday Park, Chichester
17th August Thomas Tripp Late & Live, Bournemouth
18th August Garlic Festival, Isle Of Wight
19th August The Star, Guildford
25th August Solo – Dessau
8th September Private gig (Venue not known)
15th September Shepherds Bush Empire, London (with T. Rextasy)T.Rextasy logo.
21st September Solo – Dulmen
29th September Horst, Holland
14th October Vauxhall Caravan Park, London
27th October “Kiel’s langste Nacht”, Kiel
28th October Solo – H/B Charity, Kiel
30th October Shopping Centre, Leipzig, Germany
1st November Obing/Chiemgau, Germany
2nd November Schlieren, Switzerland
3rd November Palazzo, Chur, Switzerland
4th November Sheepfarm, Merlischachen-Luzern, Switzerland
6th November City Chaeller, Glarus, Switzerland
7th November Dolder 2, Feuerthalen-Schaffhausen, Switzerland
8th November Four Corners, Untermeitingen, Germany
9th November Bluesbeiz, Niederbipp, Switzerland
10th November Bluescrew Oberschan, Weite, Switzerland
11th November Clublockal, Evel Rowdies, Gommiswald, Switzerland
23rd November WDR  Recording Studio, Cologne
24th November Rock At Sea, M/S Cinderella, Stockholm, Sweden


2nd January Grasvege Studios, Hanover (recording Cool Jesus)
4th January Grasvege Studios, Hanover (recording Cool Jesus)
26th – 31st January Midem, Cannes
3rd February Sonthofen, Germany
22nd – 23rd February Stuttgart, Germany (Guest appearance)
27th February Grasvege Studios, Hanover (Finishing Cool Jesus)
12th – 14th March Visit the Frankfurt Music Fair, meet and greet with Dean Guitars, Groove Tube Amps & Mics. Blue Guitar Distribution, Amber pic ups and Orange amps, Burns Guitars & Indie Guitars, etc.
26th March Record the Mungo part of the Ultimate Chart Show in Cologne, Germany with Sasha (double bass), Winnie (guitar), Martin (washboard/percussion) and Torsten (keyboards).
29th March The Maltings, Farnham
17th April TV interview in Karlsruhe, Germany
25th April Butlins, Skegness
9th May Lillehammer Rock Weekend

Lillehamer 2008.
Fan’s photo.
10th May Ribe, Denmark
17th May Esbjerg Festival, Denmark
6th June Germany
7th June Vechta, Germany
17th June Kieler Woche 2012, Kiel, Germany
19th June TV Interview, Family TV, Karlsruhe, Germany
5th July Liberty Shopping Centre, Romford
12th July Boogie-Woogie Festival, Kitsbuhel, Austria
9th August Denmark
13th August Agen, France

AGEN, FRANCE- 13th August, 2008.


Take Me Back/Hey Gyp/Mornin’ Dew/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Let’s Work Together/Ting-a-Ling/Lady Rose/C’mon Everybody/Tutti Frutti/Feels Like I’m In Love/Alright Alright Alright/Jesse James/In The Summertime/Red Leather and Chrome/Baby Jump.

Band: Ray Dorset (Guitar, harp, kazoo), Mike Cole (Bass), Bruce Brand (Drums)

16th August Heidenheim, Germany (with Siggy Schwartz)
24th August Romford (Venue not known)
30th August Modling, Nr; Vienna, Austria
5th September Spandau/Berlin, Germany
6th September 19 TV Show, Rome, Italy
23rd September Bielefeld School Show, Germany
14th October Cannes, France – For Radio Bremen/Hamburg, Germany
17th October Butlins, Minehead
18th October 19 Big M Band Shows, Nr; Stuttgart, Germany
24th October Stockholm, Sweden
25th October Solna Hallen, Stockholm, Sweden
28th October Rehearse with The Mungo Jerry Swiss Connection for pro shows
29th October Gams, Switzerland
30th October Nueziders, Switzerland
31st October Glarus, Switzerland
1st November Naters (Wallis), Switzerland
2nd November Merlischachen (Sheep Farm), Switzerland
3rd December Hamburg, Germany – For Radio Bremen/Hamburg TV
4th December Pongau/St. Johann, Austria
7th December Butlins, Bognor Regis
13th December Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium


10th January Opening of Salvatore’s Hairdressing Salon, Bielefeld, Germany
12th January Travel to Los Angeles for NAMM

Namm Festival.
Photo by Dave. M.
18th – 24th January MIDEM, Cannes, France
7th – 9th February ORF TV, Austria
2nd March Holmarnas Folketspark, Skutskar, Sweden
3rd March Folketshus, Soraker, Sweden
4th March Teatern, Soderhamn, Sweden
5th March Cassels, Grangesberg, Sweden
7th March Sporthotellet, Ulricehamm, Sweden
8th March Akkurat, Stockholm, Sweden
9th March Konserthuset, Vara, Sweden
12th March Austria (with Christoph Steinbach)
13th March Vauxhall Caravan Park
14th March Philharmonie, Hanover, Germany
24th March TV, Barcelona, Spain
1st – 3rd April Frankfurt Music Messe, Germany
18th April White Horse Club, Sussex
24th April Mindelalteim Dorfzentrum (with Siggi Schwartz Band)
25th April Heidenheim Café Swing (with Siggi Schwartz Band)
25th March  Boiler Room, Guildford
24th May Acoustic Festival Of Great Britain – CANCELLEDAcoustic Festival Of Great Britain poster 2009.
30th May Rheindahlen, Nr; Monchengladbach, Germany
19th – 20th June Rock Classic Allstars Show,

Lohrheidestadion-Wattenschelid, GermanyGerman gig poster 2009.

2nd July Swan Studio, New Milton
4th July Eupen, Belgium
24th – 25th July Kitzbuhel, Austria (with Christoph Steinbach Band)
14th August Bilzen, Belgium

Bilzen '09, Belgium.
Fan’s photo.
15th August Maschseefest, Hanover, Germany
21st August Botany Bay Cricket Club, Enfield (with Mike Cole Jazz Quartet & Lonnie Donegan Jr)

Ray Dorset, Lonnie Donegan Jr, Roland Dunne.
Ray Dorset, Lonnie Donegan Jr & Roland Dunne at Googlies. Photo courtesy of Roland Dunne.
22nd August Dessau, Germany (with Christoph Steinbach)
29th August Barsinghausen Stadfest, Germany

Barsinghausen 2009.
Ray with John Hornhaver & family, Barsinghausen, 2009. Photo courtesy of John Hornhaver.



Take Me Back/San Francisco Bay Blues/Let’s Roll Baby/Baby Let’s Play House/Dust Pneumonia Bay Blues/Feels Like I’m In Love/Alright Alright Alright/Let’s Work Together/Great Balls Of Fire/Mighty Man/Mama Don’t Allow/Johnny B.Goode/In The Summertime

30th August Vienna, Austria (with Heini Altbart’s band)
1st September Oberosterreich, Austria
2nd September Recording
3rd September 1220, Vienna, Austria
5th – 6th September WeyfestWeyfest 2009 flyer.
8th September
Fan’s photo.

Processed Pea Folk Club, Etton

13th September Eben Ezer Foundation, Lemgo, Germany

Eben Ezer gig photo.
Fan’s photo.
27th September North London Twilight Festival – CANCELLED
2nd October Kaiserslautern, Germany
4th October Salmon Days Festival, Seattle, U.S.A – Click HERE to view festival brochure
31st October Crawley (Venue not known)
1st November Inn On The Beach, Sussex
2nd November Theatre gigs poster.Beck Theatre, Hayes
4th November The Stables, Milton Keynes
6th November Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne
27th November Muddy Waters Blues Festival, Godor Club, Budapest, HungaryHungary '09 poster.
Budapest '09 DVD.
Budapest ’09 DVD.

GODOR CLUB, BUDAPEST – 27th November, 2009.


Let’s Roll/Rock Me Mama/Morning Dew/Statesbro’ Blues/With a Girl Like You/Goin’ Down Slow/Why I Sing The Blues/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Lady Rose/No More Woman Blues/I Had a Bird/In The Summertime/Baby Jump/Open Up

28th November Muddy Waters Blues Festival, SlovakiaSlovakia '09 poster.
1st December Switzerland
2nd December Herisau, Nr; St. Gallen, Switzerland
3rd December Nahe Langnau, Berne, Switzerland
4th December Brig-Glis, Wallis, Switzerland
5th December S-Event, Gams, Switzerland
18th December Farnham Maltings