On the back of two hit singles. Mungo Jerry entered 1974 on the crest of a wave and became a five piece band. Former Gene Vincent guitarist, Dick Middleton joined the band.

Ian Milne came in on piano. Another hit duly followed when Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black entered the charts.

Mungo Jerry 1974.
Mungo Jerry 1974. Promo photo.
26th January Barbarella’s, Birmingham
28th February Quaintways, Chester
2nd February Baths Hall, Scunthorpe
8th February Royal Holloway College, Egham Egham '74 ticket.
9th February Tites, Beckenham
14th February Queens University, Belfast
15th February Flamingo Ballroom, Ballymena
16th February Ardree Hotel, Waterford
17th February Lake County Hotel, Mullingar
18th February T.V Club, Dublin
23rd February Royal College Of Agriculture, Cirencester
27th February Westhill College, Birmingham

Dick Middleton on the band…“musically good and exciting, we knew our onions.

“As a boogie-blues outfit, we were the best around. But, we didn’t have any mystique, with the management taking any gig that was offered to us. Also we probably drank too much for their liking.

“They should have got us a U.S tour and put an album out there. The stuff on the missing Pye album would have been well received there.

“We were a bloody good boogie-blues band live, but a pop band on vinyl. Confusing, I suppose.”

(From Beyond The Summertime, 1990)

1st March The Mayfair, Newcastle Upon Tyne
6th March The Lyceum, London
8th March Dorking Hall, Dorking
10th March Woods Centre, Colchester
15th March Polytechnic, Newcastle Upon Tyne
16th March Strathclyde University
21st March Sheffield City College
22nd March Dudley Technical College
7th April Speakeasy, Radio 1

Tracks played;

Alright Alright Alright/St. Pete’s Florida Blues/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black

11th April B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black
12th April Pips, Manchester
13th April Glen Ballroom, Llanelli
20th April Ebbisham Hall, Epsom
21st April Woods Centre, Colchester
25th April B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black
27th April Spain


Mungo Jerry 1974.During 1974, Mungo Jerry recorded a live session for Capitol Radio. It was a performance that earned Ray a lifetime ban from Capitol. His crime? Performing the regular stage show number, Little Bit Of Love.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the song, it featured a call-and-response routine. Diplomatically, they could be called ‘risqué lyrics’.

Despite this, it was an excellent set and was made available by the fan club. Firstly on cassette and later on CD.

SET LIST: One More Chance/Have a Whiff On Me/Tossing & Turning/Big Brown Eyes/St.Pete’s Florida Blues/One Thousand Miles/Little Bit Of Love/Dance Dance Dance/Don’t Stop/Alright Alright Alright/Goodtime Goodtime

18th May Wincanton Racecourse
20th May Locarno, Coventry
21st May Tottenham Royal, London Tottenham 1974 gig ad.
25th May Springfield Restaurant, Spalding
28th May Tiffany’s Derby
30th May Samantha’s, Sheffield
31st May Locarno, Blackpool (Private)
2nd June Palace Ballroom, Douglas, Isle On Man
4th June Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes
5th June Caledonian Hotel, Inverness
6th June Olympia, East Kilbride
7th June Loreburn Hall, Dumfries
8th June Barbarella’s, Birmingham
9th June Grey Topper, Jacksdale
11th June Pembroke’s College Ball, Cambridge (Private)
12th June Tiffany’s, Purley
13th June Locarno, Portsmouth
14th June Madeley College Of Education


Mungo Jerry 1974.SET LIST: Little Bit Of Funky Music/ Little Miss Hipshake/Little Bit Of Love/All Dressed Up And No Place To Go/In The Summertime/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Bottle Up and Go/Lady Rose/There’s a Light Shining In The Sky/Going Down Slow/Gonna Bop ‘Til I Drop/Baby Jump/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Alright Alright Alright/Mighty Man/Really Had a Good Time

15th June Camelot Club, Taunton
16th June Tiffany’s, Blackpool
17th June Tiffany’s, Shrewsbury
20th June Locarno, Stevenage
21st June Avery Hill College Of Education, London
22nd June St.Edmunds College, Oxford (Private) St.Hilda's gig poster.
23rd June Gorseinon Rainbow Club, Swansea
24th June Top Of The World, Stafford
25th June St.Luke’s College, Exeter
26th June Lovett Hall, Newport Pagnell
27th June Blue Lagoon, Newquay
28th June St.Bartholemews Hospital Ball (Private)
13th July Spurriers Park, Harlow – more info
16th August Jazz-Bilzen, Belgium
20th September Locarno, Sunderland
27th September Highbury Technical College
28th September Brighton Polytechnic


Mungo Jerry underwent another line-up change when Dick Middleton, and Bob Daisley left the band. Bob joining Widowmaker. He later teamed up with the likes of Rainbow and The Blizzard Of Oz with Ozzy Osborne.

Ray Dorset and pianist Ian Milne were joined by Chris Warnes (bass), John Brunning (lead guitar) and John ‘Jimmy’ Jewell (drums) from the band Crow.

Together they recorded the All Dressed Up and No Place To Go, Rock’n Roll E.P. The last set of recordings for Pye and the Dawn label before the move to Polydor.

14th November TyneTees TV – The Geordie Scene
29th November Crawley (Venue not known)
30th November Bicester(Venue not known)
2nd December Cardiff (Venue not known) (also Granada TV – Look Alive televised)
5th December Guy’s Hospital, London
6th December Aston University, Birmingham
9th – 16th December Germany
21st December Lincoln (Venue not known)