1973 turned out to be huge year for Mungo Jerry with a return to the charts in a big way with the rocking Alright Alright Alright peaking at number 3 in the UK singles chart.

Bass player John Godfrey left the band and Mungo Jerry had a whole new line-up.

9th February Plessey, Swindon
10th February Aquarius Club, Hastings Aquarius Club poster 1973.
16th February Country Bumpkin, Andover
17th February Stoneground, Manchester
19th February Southend
23rd February Intercon, Worksop
24th February Intercon, Nottingham
1st March Greyhound Fulham 1973 ad. The Greyhound, Fulham
3rd March County Cricket Ground, Northampton
4th March Black Prince, Bexley
9th March Intercon, Halifax
10th March Intercon, Scarborough


John Godfrey.Bass player John Godfrey, who sadly passed away in 2014, decided to leave Mungo Jerry to be replaced by Bob Daisley.

John played bass on several of Mungo Jerry’s biggest hits – Baby Jump, Lady Rose and You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War.

He also played on the albums – Electronically Tested, You Don’t Have To Be In The Army and Boot Power.

Ray Dorset on John Godfrey… John provided some great bass lines on many classic Mungo recordings, such as Baby Jump and Lady Rose to name but two.

12th March  Harlow 
16th March  The Winter Gardens, Blackpool 
18th March  The Torrington, North Finchley
25th March Denmark
9th April Spinning Jenny Club, Accrington 
12th April  Brays Grove Youth Club, Harlow
27th – 28th April
Mungo Jerry, Senate Club, 1973.
Mungo Jerry, Senate Club, 1973.

Senate Club, Peterlee

29th April Grey Topper Club, Nottingham
4th – 6th May  Denmark 
15th May  Zero Fix International, Southend 
19th May  Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn
28th May Bumble Club, Stockport
2nd June Glen Ballroom, Llanelli
3rd June  Palace Lido, Isle Of Man
14th June The Granary, Bristol
17th June Ragnarok Festival, Oslo, Norway

  Ragnarock Poster   Click HERE to view the YouTube footage, tracks are:

Baby Jump/Alright Alright Alright/Open Up.

28th June Harper Adams Agricultural College, Newport
29th June Devonshire Hall, Leeds University

Bob Daisley & Ray Dorset - Leeds, 1973.
Bob Daisley & Ray Dorset – Leeds, 1973.
30th June The Granary, Bristol
5th July The Cavern Club, Liverpool
6th July Wradnor (venue not known) – (plus B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Alright Alright Alright)
11th July Holesworthy Festival, North Devon
13th July B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Alright Alright Alright (audio recording only)
14th July The Bandstand, Spurriers Town Park, Harlow

HARLOW : 14th July, 1973.

I went to see Mungo Jerry at Harlow Town Park with certain reservations as to their musical ability and entertainment value.

But let’s give Mungo their due, they are a very professional Top Twenty pop group and Ray Dorset has really got together a fine band.

OK, so the band might lack it a little when it comes to musical inventiveness and originality, but they come up with some great tunes and play some tasty rock and roll.

Although Mungo sound more like a rock band these days, they haven’t forgotten their old fans and played all their old favourites but with new freshness.

Dorset is still the star and played the part magnificently all night.

His throaty vocals and guitar playing were better than ever as he led the band into such numbers as Open Up one of the band’s many hits of the past.

They also did great versions of their new single, Alright Alright Alright and In The Summertime which had nearly all the audience dancing or banging cans in time with the music, and my favourite number of the set, Lady Rose.

Ray did something that many of our great heavy rock bands can’t. He had boppers, rockers, freaks, Mums and Dads all digging the act.

A great evening, free, in the park – in the summertime.

16th July Porthcawl (venue not known)
17th July Newquay (venue not known)
19th July Spain
20th July B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Alright Alright Alright
21st July California Ballroom, Dunstable
27th July Antrim (venue not known)
28th July City Hall, Cork

CITY HALL, CORK : 28th July, 1973.

SET LIST (Possibly partial)
Too Much Monkey Business/Hit Me/Little Bit Of Love/Lady Rose/

In The Summertime/Mighty Man/Open Up

27th July Castlerea
28th July City Hall, Cork
29th July Showboat, Yougall
31st July Marquee, Sligo
1st August Monaghan
2nd August Wavecrest, Achill
3rd August Queens Court Motel, Bangor – (plus B.B.C’s Top Of The Pops televised – Alright Alright Alright – repeat)
4th August Marine Ballroom, Enniscrone
5th August Atlantic Ballroom, Tranmore
6th August Lake County Hotel, Mullingar
8th August The Manger, Galway
9th August Astoria, Bundoran
10th August Kelly’s Motel, Port Rush
11th August Carlton, Kilkenny


It was one of those curious quirks of fate that Mungo Jerry, with a single high in the chart, should be playing in the sweaty environs of a Saturday night dance in the Carlton Ballroom in Kilkenny in Southern Ireland instead of some more prestigious engagement nearer home.

Their tour in Ireland has been a 20-night trek that has taken them North and South of the border.

It was set up about three months ago so local promoter, Arthur Walters, certainly struck lucky when Alright Alright Alright became a best seller.

Mungo Jerry 1973.The Kilkenny date was the group’s seventeenth of the tour, so it was not surprising that they sounded at times tired and that their music had ragged edges more often than not.

The band builds itself on a basis of raw rock and roll with Ray Dorset’s raucous, yelling vocals providing the focal point, backed up by his own competent guitar, plus organ, bass and drums.

There are the obligatory performances of hits in their programme – In The Summertime, Lady Rose and Alright Alright Alright – mixed with standard rock material and Ray Dorset’s own compositions such as Mighty Man, one of his jug band style songs and Hit Me, an extended excursion using riffs from the guitar and organ.

There are no musical surprises from the group.

Dorset works at getting the audience involved and much of what comes from the band seems to depend on what they get from way of reaction from the audience.

The Kilkenny crowd responded quite well although the wait prior to the to the group’s appearance seemed to have caused a little disappointment and discomfort in the tightly packed dance hall.

This probably wasn’t one of Mungo Jerry’s better performances understandably so because of all of the travelling they had done prior to this particular date.

In fact, they completed what is believed to be the longest tour by any British group to visit Ireland”.

Tony Wilson – Music Press, 1973.

12th August Showboat, Yougall
13th August Eamonn Andrews Television Club, Dublin
22nd August Tiffany’s, Bristol
23rd August Queen’s Hall, Barnstable
24th August Wincanton Racecourse
25th August Aquarius Club, Lincoln
26th August New World Ballroom, Blackpool
27th August Bribox Theatre, New Malden
28th August Queen’s Hotel, Westcliff On-Sea
29th August Assembly Rooms, Worthing
31st August – 1st September Barbarella’s, Birmingham
2nd September Spa Pavillion, Felixstowe
3rd September Flamingo Club, Chester
4th September Heavy Steam Machine, Hanley
7th September Locarno, Sunderland
8th September The Viking Club, Seahouses

Mungo Jerry rock sticker.
Mungo Jerry rock sticker.


9th September Woods Centre, Colchester
10th September Top Of The World, Stafford
14th September Nottingham (Venue not known)
16th September Black Swan, Sheffield

Black Swan ticket.

17th September Shrewsbury (Venue not known)
22nd September Greece
26th August New World Ballroom, Blackpool
28th September Bristol Polytechnic
29th September Manchester College
30th September Coventry (Venue not known)
5th October Swansea University
6th October Dreamland Ballroom, Margate
8th – 11th October France
13th October St. Martin’s College, Lancaster
15th October Hazel’s Club, Aylesbury
19th – 27th October Germany

27th, German TV ‘Disco’ televised – Alright Alright Alright

30th October Warren Country Club, Bredbury
1st November Locarno, Sunderland
2nd November Grafton Rooms, Liverpool (Private)
3rd November Palace Lido, Isle Of Man
8th November Golden Palms, Blackburn
9th November Borough Hall, Greenwich

BOROUGH HALL, GREENWICH : 9th November, 1973.

Glad I’m a Rocker/Hit Me/Little Bit Of Love/Long Tall Sally/Wild Love/Mighty Man/Lady Rose/Baby Jump/Alright Alright Alright

10th November
Mungo Jerry gig poster 1973.
Gig poster at the time of Wild Love.

Aquarius Club, Hastings

15th – 18th November France
1st December Leicester University
9th December Sheffield Polytechnic
10th December The Rainbow, London
14th December The Flamingo, Hereford
15th December Spotlight Club, R.A.F Brize Norton

(Ray and the band played the unreleased track, Help Me at this gig

as it was included on the first fan club cassette.)

24th December California Ballroom, Dunstable