Sadly, virtually no live gigs in 2023 but Ray was busy recording a mono compilation album on vinyl, Ten Grooves In Mono that became available in December.

Tracks: Side 1: In The Summertime (New recording)/Mighty Man (Original recording test version)/Baby Jump (2023 version)/Lady Rose (New recording)/Hello Nadine (Original hit version).

Side 2: Alright Alright Alright (2023 version with the missing third verse)/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black (2023 version)/You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War (Solo acoustic version)/Feels Like I’m In Love (Singalong in the coffee bar version)/Dragster Queen (Swedish studio version).

In 2023, he began work with the band on another studio album called, Indefinable.

He also came up with a new recording of the huge hit, Alright Alright Alright and this version contained the missing verse that Ray was asked to omit in 1973.

Not many fans knew that there was an extra verse that was omitted from the huge Mungo Jerry hit in 1973 at Barry Murray’s suggestion. Darren’s on bass and Bob plays the drums in a similar style to original drummer, Paul Hancox. The missing verse is…

Do you really care about saving your nation

Or do you want your own satisfaction

Do you care about society, philosophy

Or doughnuts for tea?

Fans comments:

“Just watched the new Alright Alright Alright video for the 6th time. It’s brilliant! I think Ray should release it for the Heritage chart!”…Andy Harrison.

“Just one word. ENERGY! Fifty years have just evaporated from my face. I’m dancing around in the sunshine and my neighbours are getting concerned! Great!”…Mick O’Hanlon.

“Simple, effective and ideal for looning around to in the summer sun”…Derek Wadeson.

“What a great recording! I’ve a feeling it would go down really well on the Heritage Chart”…Alan Taylor.

Really great version! The original went to No.3 in the UK. This one will beat it!…Jean Jacques Bedrossian.

Just posted to YouTube is the audio for the B-side of the single, Five Hundred Miles


ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT:  50 years previously in 1973, Mungo Jerry released the monster hit, Alright Alright Alright.

It peaked at No.3 in the UK chart and featured Bob Daisley (Bass), Johnny Cook (Piano) and Paul Hancox (Drums). It was an exciting line-up – just check out the Ragnarok footage including ‘Alright’.

Juergen in Germany tipped us off about the discovery of one of the Top Of The Pops appearances. Click on ALRIGHT to view the ‘grainy’ footage.

They said…

Ray Dorset: “I was really pleased with the track, it was good to come back with such a big international hit.”

Bob Daisley: The ‘Alright’ recording session is a bit of a blur – we drank a lot and had fun doing it and were pleased with the outcome.”

Paul Hancox: “After Bob and I laid the backing track, as we wanted, we went down the pub and got completely trashed! On returning to the studio, we had to record the B-side, to this day, I don’t remember playing it, and I think if Bob were honest, he doesn’t either!

Simon Baker: That is my favourite Mungo record. I was learning to play then, and it had that really quite nice, swinging, natty piece of drumming. It really stuck in my brain.

WILD LOVE:  The follow-up to Mungo Jerry’s huge summer hit, Alright Alright Alright in 1973 was Wild Love.

It peaked at No.32 in the UK chart and featured Bob Daisley (Bass), Johnny Cook (Piano) and the late Dave Bidwell (Drums). 

They said…

Ray Dorset: “When we were requested to do another Top Of The Pops, Harry Simmonds demanded a higher fee than the BBC normally paid and we were told that unless we were in the Top Ten with our follow up we would not get to be on the show with it. Also, this was at a time when because of a strike only one music paper got to be published and it happened to be the one where we were lower in the chart.”

Barry Murray:  “With the live show, we were now busy, busy, busy. Ray always had a double edged sword, he was a great songwriter and a great live performer as well. We issued Wild Love, going with what we had in the can at the time. It was a feel song more than anything else but with the line-up changes, we were touring or rehearsing all the time. “

Below is the recording of Ray and the band rehearsing for a show at Camberley Theatre in more recent times.


3rd-4th March Guest with Siggi Schwarz, Lokschuppen, Heidenheim
29th July SWR TV, Germany (Performing In The Summertime)
15th October Regent Theatre, Christchurch (as part of the Talking Pictures roadshow with Mike Read and others)

Photo by Hilary Athey.

HILARY ATHEY: Some very sad news reached us this year when Quintin Drake informed us that fellow Mungo fan, Hilary Athey passed away in June from cancer.

Hilary was a huge fan of Mungo Jerry often travelling huge distances to follow Ray and the band and is pictured here with Quintin at the Weyfest Festival in 2010 when Paul King joined Ray on stage.

She told me once that Paul sang Hey Rosalyn to her after one his gigs.

RIP Hilary.